Are you in an MBA program? Are you thinking of applying to one? Are you an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this book.  

Most MBAs take traditional career paths in finance, consulting or corporate leadership. But a growing cohort are looking to break free to become masters of their own destiny, change the world, and build their own career path.  

The MBA path isn’t as simple as it used to be. It’s still certainly one of the most powerful strategies for catapulting your success in life--but only if you know how to leverage it.

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MBA Entrepreneur Worksheet

Figure out if entrepreneurship is the right path for you

Get back to your roots and rediscover your core values to determine which entrepreneurial path is the perfect fit for your talents and expertise

Top 20 Key Takeaways from the book

Learn the top 20 powerful takeaways for MBA entrepreneurs from business school and beyond to accelerate your journey

Bonus Chapter X - Class Lessons for MBA Entrepreneurs 

Extra tips for entrepreneurs from top business school professors in this bonus chapter

Tools for MBA Entrepreneurs

Save precious time by using recommended websites, apps and team communication tools to optimise your workflow so you can focus on the important value-adding tasks

MBA Entrepreneur Reading List

Accelerate your self-education with this list of essential books for MBA entrepreneurs

Bonus MBA Entrepreneur Interview

Learn from the best. Bonus MBA entrepreneur interview number 18 - How to make your company attractive to buyers for an exit

17 interviews with MBA entrepreneurs are included across two chapters of The MBA Entrepreneur, from early stage ventures to £100m market cap companies


"Gareth's book is not only entertaining, but also an honest account about what life is like during and after the MBA for many. I'd recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using their MBA to follow the entrepreneurial path."

-- Sophie, London Business School MBA

"Gareth's book is both engaging and insightful. Weaving fun little stories with expansive perspectives. Aside from the Business School facts-of-life - including the naughty ones - it's also quite a raw and vulnerable account. This grounding is what lets the overall optimistic message feel real."

-- Niladri, UCL Master's student

About The Author

Gareth Thompson is a medical doctor who went to London Business School to pursue a traditional career in healthcare consulting, where he discovered the entrepreneurial path. This inspired him to radically change direction and he is now starting a new career nurturing advanced technologies and accelerating innovation to achieve sustainability in healthcare, resources, energy and other sectors.